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SOFT4Lessee for IFRS 16 lease accounting

PYA Solutions specialists have gained a deep understanding of the financial sector. We can advise on how to use the technology in the most efficient way to satisfy your business needs. We will implement the project for you, show how to use it effectively and provide full support for the solutions we’ve implemented. 100 % success in SOFT4Lessee implementation guaranteed.

SOFT4Lessee is a software solution for lease accounting under IFRS 16 accounting standard. Businesses with large portfolios of operating leases (properties, vehicles, equipment) will be impacted by the change in accounting standards, as the new standards require lessees to recognize assets and liabilities arising from operating leases on the balance sheet.

SOFT4Lessee will help your business to:

  • plan the transition to the IFRS 16 – calculate the impact and choose one of the transition options;
  • stay compliant with the standard – upload new leases every month, let the system calculate values and download G/L transactions.

SOFT4Lessee Main Features

  • Data Import/ Export
  • Lease Agreement Data Management
  • Re-measurement
  • Reports for IFRS 16 Presentation and Disclosures
  • Accounting for Lease Liability
  • Accounting for right of use asset
  • Handling of Non-lease component
  • Managing Lease Modifications
  • Lease status management
  • Variable Lease Management
  • General Ledger integration
  • Assessment of the Lease Term

Learn more about SOFT4Lessee at www.soft4lessee.com. Contact us for more information on how SOFT4Lessee can help solve your business challenges.


PYA has surpassed our expectations. When we lost our system data <…> we could easily been taken advantage of. Instead, PYA was extremely professional and guided us through a successful and cost-effective implementation in one short month!
Benoit Guglia, Vice President, Arthur Rogers & Associates
The determining factor in choosing PYA was the people. The initial start-up assistance, as well as the continuing support, is incredible.
Benoit Poupart, Co-President, POL R
PYA sent in professionals who spent all of the required time to learn about our business. PYA instantly related to our needs <…> (and) was fully committed to satisfying all of our requirements.
Benoit Poupart, Co-President, POL R
Our company is growing, and we are on the move between multiple locations. We really need to have our act together <…> (and) that is exactly what PYA does for our entire operation. It helps us pull our facts together so we can continue to grow our business profitably, while at the same time staying in control.
Benoit Poupart, Co-President, POL R
PYA Solutions is an expert in leasing and financial services field. They quickly adapted Soft4Leasing solution to the requirements of Canadian market thus enabling more leasing companies to use the benefits of solution satisfying leasing specifics.
Ugne Kontare, Business Development Manager, SOFT4
PYA and NAV (Navision) are a powerful team. PYA’s professionalism combined with their knowledge of NAV (Navision) and Distribution Intelligence for NAV (Navision) enabled us to invest in today’s leading edge technology geared towards our future growth.
Viken Afarian, General Manager, Canadian Gem / GemPearl
The determining factor in choosing PYA was the people. The initial hand-holding, as well as the continuous support we receive from PYA, is simply not matched by anyone else in their field!
Helen Laframboise, Controller, Arthur Rogers & Associates
PYA was very instrumental in building up realistic expectations of NAV (Navision), Distribution Intelligence and their features. PYA asked the appropriate questions so they could fully understand our business early on in the sales cycle.
Viken Afarian, General Manager, Canadian Gem / GemPearl
With NAV (Navision) and PYA’s Distribution Intelligence for NAV (Navision), we are able to make the software fit the business and not the other way around.
Viken Afarian, General Manager, Canadian Gem / GemPearl