The vehicle leasing industry faces challenging changes: the emerging Cars-as-a-Service business model makes companies move from traditional asset-oriented, long-term loans and commitments towards flexible, subscription-oriented mobility solutions with full-service operating leases.

SOFT4Wholesale solution enables dealer network and supply chain management to promote sales of a particular brand, business growth within the channel by automating and managing the entire lifecycle of inventory finance

This thorough Wholesale Finance and Loan Administration solution is flexible and adaptable regarding your business model and allows your business to offer more customer-oriented services.


  • Define floorplan funding products.
  • Dealer assessment and credit limit management.
  • Support for three-party process Distributor- Funder-Dealer.
  • Interface to Distributor/Supplier system.
  • Process Purchase orders and supplier invoices.
  • Manage Distributor/Supplier payables.
  • Manage Dealer receivables.
  • Support for Manufacturer subsidies (subventions), aka “Free-floor-plan periods”.
  • Interest calculation and billing to Dealer and/or Distributor/Supplier.
  • Settlement on asset sale (when a financed asset goes off stock).
  • Detect Due-in-Full events (e.g., „Retail Contra“, Warranty registration).
  • Dealer Stock audit functions.
  • Curtailment agreements.
  • The early-settlement rebate and other incentives to the dealer to move the asset.
  • Stock transfer (from dealer to dealer).
  • Periodic Dealer credit limit reviews.

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