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Our Story

In 1992, a professional partnership was formed – combining the strength and purpose of a 25-year old, highly-respected accounting firm with the spirit, imagination and talent of technology experts.

It was then that Ptack, Young & Associates (PYA) was born as the partner company of leading Montreal accounting firm, Ptack Schnarch Basevitz (PSB). Together, the partners built an organization that provides the products and professional services required to satisfy their clients’ increasingly sophisticated organizational and technological needs.

Today, PYA enjoys an enviable reputation of its own – a reputation for being responsive, innovative and dedicated in its delivery of leading edge technological solutions and best-business practices.

It is a reputation that continues to strengthen because of PYA’s steadfast refusal to negotiate one of its founding principles – quality and value without compromise.

From offices located in Canada and the United States, PYA software developers, systems integrators and management consultants implement powerful, inventive technological solutions and re-engineered business processes. PYA’s mission is to maximize the efficiency, productivity and profitability of each of its clients.

Specialists in solving the procedural and information-related problems of the wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail and financial service sectors, PYA experts eagerly accept the daily challenge of devising and implementing total management solutions for use today and well into the future.


Our company is growing, and we are on the move between multiple locations. We really need to have our act together <…> (and) that is exactly what PYA does for our entire operation. It helps us pull our facts together so we can continue to grow our business profitably, while at the same time staying in control.
Benoit Poupart, Co-President, POL R
PYA and NAV (Navision) are a powerful team. PYA’s professionalism combined with their knowledge of NAV (Navision) and Distribution Intelligence for NAV (Navision) enabled us to invest in today’s leading edge technology geared towards our future growth.
Viken Afarian, General Manager, Canadian Gem / GemPearl
PYA was very instrumental in building up realistic expectations of NAV (Navision), Distribution Intelligence and their features. PYA asked the appropriate questions so they could fully understand our business early on in the sales cycle.
Viken Afarian, General Manager, Canadian Gem / GemPearl
PYA sent in professionals who spent all of the required time to learn about our business. PYA instantly related to our needs <…> (and) was fully committed to satisfying all of our requirements.
Benoit Poupart, Co-President, POL R
With NAV (Navision) and PYA’s Distribution Intelligence for NAV (Navision), we are able to make the software fit the business and not the other way around.
Viken Afarian, General Manager, Canadian Gem / GemPearl
The determining factor in choosing PYA was the people. The initial hand-holding, as well as the continuous support we receive from PYA, is simply not matched by anyone else in their field!
Helen Laframboise, Controller, Arthur Rogers & Associates
PYA has surpassed our expectations. When we lost our system data <…> we could easily been taken advantage of. Instead, PYA was extremely professional and guided us through a successful and cost-effective implementation in one short month!
Benoit Guglia, Vice President, Arthur Rogers & Associates
The determining factor in choosing PYA was the people. The initial start-up assistance, as well as the continuing support, is incredible.
Benoit Poupart, Co-President, POL R
PYA Solutions is an expert in leasing and financial services field. They quickly adapted Soft4Leasing solution to the requirements of Canadian market thus enabling more leasing companies to use the benefits of solution satisfying leasing specifics.
Ugne Kontare, Business Development Manager, SOFT4