PYA Helps Insulate POL R from Heated CompetitionPYA Helps Insulate POL R from Heated Competition

Growing Enterprise Requires Open System
POL R Enterprises is the largest distributor and fabricator of industrial and commercial in the province of Quebec, operating multiple locations under the Nadeau name. It is also growing rapidly in Ontario, operating additional locations under the Impro name. POL R’s previous system wasn’t an open system, could not be easily modified and was extremely slow. Customer Service wanted to provide customers with answers to their question in one phone call, which meant that their reps needed information instantly from a fast and efficient order processing system.

When Benoit Poupart, (Co-President, Operations) and Daniel Desbiens (Co-President, Sales) of POL R began the search for new software, they first set some specific goals. “First, we needed an open system to integrate multiple technology platforms. We wanted a system that would give us the flexibility to choose the functions we need to manage our business today, and could grow along with the company,” explains Poupart. “Second, we insisted on software that embraces inventory management principles ….Third, an Executive Information System (Business Intelligence) was mandatory to keep us in touch with key indicators and trends of our growing enterprise. Finally, we insisted on working with dedicated professionals who understood wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries.”

When Poupart first met with PYA, he was extremely impressed with its approach to doing business. “PYA sent in professionals who spent all of the required time to learn our business. PYA Instantly related to our needs” he explains. “From the beginning, PYA was fully committed to satisfying all our requirements.”

PYA Professionals Deliver the Goods
“The determining factor in choosing PYA was the people. The initial start-up assistance, as well as continuing support is incredible. PYA helps us pull our facts together so we can continue to grow our business profitably, while at the same time staying in control.”

Food for Thought: PYA Turns Disaster into Opportunity for Arthur Roger and Associates

Changing Needs Require Changing Systems
Every business has unique requirements, especially one that is both a food importer and a food broker for well-known principals around the world, including Australia, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, and Greece.

Arthur Roger and Associates imports and represents both private and trademark labels such as TROPIC™, AUSTRAL™, KON-TIKI™, and BANQUET™. Importing goods from around the world requires tremendous coordination,” explains President Roger Guglia. “As an importer, we work with multiple currencies and unique transit times. As a broker, we constantly analyze and evaluate commission and volume rebate programs. The food industry in Canada is growing and evolving and so is our role as a broker in the food marketplace. We are the “local sales agent” and we must be technologically positioned to offer the best service and information to our principals.”

Roger Guglia, along with Vice President Benoit Guglia, and Controller Helene Laframboise, realized their existing software system was inefficient, and so began to research the software market. “We needed advanced functionality like traffic control, volume rebates and promotional programs,” remarks Roger Guglia. “Our Company has grown tremendously over the last 25 years and so have our customers’ needs. To continue expanding our business we needed sophisticated tools that could better manage inventory levels and improve customer service at the same time.”

When Arthur Roger & Associates first met with PYA, they were very impressed with the company’s professional approach, and also with their comprehensive software offerings. Fully integrated sales order processing, asset management, inventory control and accounting all based on industry leading principles. “We liked what we saw in more ways than one,” recalls Laframboise. “We clearly needed software that could handle our changing needs. But, more importantly, we insisted on working with a partner that provided full support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We were searching for a ‘complete’ package.”

The Bottom Line
“PYA has surpassed our expectations,” claims Benoit Guglia. “PYA was extremely professional and guided us through a successful and cost-effective implementation in one short month.”

As Laframboise explains, “The determining factor in choosing PYA was the people. The initial hand-holding, as well as the continuous support we receive from PYA, is simply not matched by anyone else in their field.”


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